star-trek-chris-pine-zoe-saldana1 For true movie buffs, there’s nothing more delightful than a good old action packed Sci-Fi adventure flick to help usher in the long awaited summer. When the movie involves a remarkable cast and outstanding special effects it’s entertainment, but add an intriguing plot infused with wickedly amusing dialogue, and it’s simply put, dope. We all know that good movies are few and far between these days, and with the rising rate of ticket prices, leaving us ripe for considerable bitterness and cynicism. In the end, given our lack of options, our collective standards are lowered and we accept almost anything that comes our way.

Enter Star Trek. Standards be damned – this movie is definitely one worth watching. This prequel stays true to the fantastical nature of science fiction, and takes us on a voyage, parallel to the original storyline, where the original cast exists in a slightly different, but essentially an identical, dimension.

The journey begins with a cataclysmic event that creates a new paradigm, setting the crew on slightly varied paths towards their ultimate fate as flagship members of the SS Enterprise. James T. Kirk ‘s destiny is particularly affected by the alteration in time, as he enters the scene as a repeat offender, albeit with one of the highest aptitude scores on the planet. Fittingly, a bar fight over Lt. Nyota Uhura at a federation social club inadvertently landed this new and improved version of Kirk into the halls of the Star Fleet Federation. From there, an enthralling story emerges where one by one, the assembly of the fledgling SS Enterprise crew is revealed.

Their collective chemistry combined with a clever script and superb comedic timing, the fresh-faced cast was not only easily recognizable, but instantly engaging.

Since the aim of this piece is to encourage your viewership, we shall spare you further spoilers, and reveal what actually makes this blockbuster worth a view. The ensemble cast includes a talented group of actors, each well versed in the nature of their classic Star Fleet character. Their collective chemistry combined with a clever script and superb comedic timing, the fresh-faced cast was not only easily recognizable, but instantly engaging.
Kudos to Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto for their stellar depictions of Cap’n Kirk and Spock, respectively. Naturally, Zoe Saldana applied her keenly intelligent sex kitten allure as Lt. Uhura. Additional cast members John Cho (Cmmdr Sulu) Karl Urban (Dr. McCoy), and Simon Pegg (Scottie) did their exceptional part by breathing new life into their foray as Star Fleet officers.

Culturally speaking, the producers of the film fell a tad short in conveying an accurate assortment of cultural variety – in other words: Where were the brothas? With the exception of Tyler Perry (yes, Madea’s got a cameo role), Black men were way too few and far between throughout the entire film. In this new world, where space is the final frontier, would it have killed them to add a little more chocolate to the intergalactic mix? (Michael Ealy would’ve looked rather fetching in one of those body-hugging Star Fleet uniforms, but I digress….)

Having said that, Star Trek never had a dull moment. This fast paced adventure leaves few loose ends, and provides a unique balance of lighthearted humor, high-speed action sequences, impeccable special effects a coherent storyline topped with a compelling band of familiar characters. If it is entertainment you seek, Star Trek will most definitely not disappoint.

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