1. I have made it half way through the summer in sandals and way to high platforms but now my feet are through. Any tips on keeping my feet looking beautiful with a couple more months of summer left?

Summer is a hard season for the feet. This is the time of year when you are required to pull out those sky-high strappy heels and flaunt your tootsies for the world to see. So not only are required to balance all your weight on a pencil you are also required to have beautiful feet. Surviving and enjoying the summer without hurting yourself in your favorite strappy sandal and having beautiful feet is a hard challenge. But the good news is that challenge just got a little easier with Foot Petals Luxury Kit ($39.95, footpetals.com/beauty.com). This kit contains everything you need to wear your favorite strappy sandals and heels with as much comfort and ease as possible. Start off by spraying feet Sweaty Pedi foot fragrance, which keeps your feet feeling fresh by absorbing perspiration and protects against blisters. Then cushion-up your sexy summer sandals with Tip Toes, Heavenly Heels and Strappy Strips. Tip Toes stop feet from sliding forward. Heavenly Heelz help keep heels from slipping in & out of shoes. And Strap Strips that add comfort to any straps. They all come zipped up in an adorable black and white pouch that can be use for other things. A perfect way to step out in comfort.


2. I am clueless when it comes to mixing eye shadows. What’s an easy way to find shades that work well together?

It can be tough trying to mix and match eyeshadow colors for the perfect look. And to achieve a put together look you really want shades that compliment each other. The easiest way is to buy an eyeshadow palette the contains several coordinating shades. That way all the guesswork is out of the way and you know for sure that the colors work well together. But even though you might have colors in a palette that work well together you have to think about if the colors work well on you. That’s where a product like CoverGirl Exact Eyelights Eye Brightening Eyeshadow Palette comes in ($7.49, covergirl.com for a retail or drugstore near you). The gorgeous collection of pressed eye powders are customized to expertly match and complement your eye color. The shade combinations ensure that you always have the best shade palette to enhance the color of your eyes, which will really pull your look together. It doesn’t get any easier then this unless they came and applied it every morning for you.


3. No matter how hard I work on my body or how much weight I lose I still have that little belly pouch. Is there any thing I can do about its appearance?

There really is no way to lose weight in only one area. By eating right and exercising you can lose weight from your frame. But your body type will determine where and how you lose the weight. I say continue to work on your BMI and aim for a healthy range. Now if that bulge still bothers you the best thing you can do is to purchase a shapewear undergarment to help make that bulge appear less noticeable. If this sounds like a good option check out Sculptz Shorts Shaper Top ($22, sculptz.com). With lots of undergarment shapewear to choose from these shorts are really affordable and effective. They hold it all in while shaping but don’t feel uncomfortable. The knit-in panels flatten your tummy, lift your rear and smoothes your hips and thighs. And if that wasn’t enough they eliminate unsightly panty lines! A must have for all your dresses, shirts and even pants. You won’t believe how smooth and shapely you will look like with these. You won’t ever want to wear your clothes without them again.


4. After reading about how many chemicals are in a lot of these beauty products I am scared to even put any lipstick on. Are there any products that are safer?

The good news about all the bad news on chemicals in our beauty products is that many companies have stepped up to the plate to offer natural and organic beauty products to consumers. Now all of the products aren’t prefect but there are some companies constantly creating high quality good for you beauty items. One company Revolution Organics makes organic body balms, skin crèmes, lip balms and lip-glosses. One of my favorite from their line is their Freedom Gloss ($26, revolutionorganics.com or qvc.com). This healthy, natural, good-for-you gloss is rich in vitamins and antioxidants to leave lips beautifully moisturized and gorgeously glossy. Formulated with 100% natural and 85% certified organic ingredients, the product delivers all the benefits of a lip treatment in a gorgeous gloss. The formula is free of chemicals, mineral oil, petroleum, artificial ingredients and parabens. Instead, Freedom Gloss uses organic plant proteins and extracts to give lips a healthy dose of antioxidants and vitamins. With ingredients like jojoba oil, aloe vera, shea butter, beeswax and olive oil this gloss is determined to leave your lips looking naturally beautiful.

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