2009-07-03-drakelilwayneDrake Says He Regrets Controversial BET Awards Performance
If you didn’t watch the BET Awards, you probably didn’t see Drake and Lil Wayne’s controversial performance of his single “Every Girl.” First of all, if you haven’t heard the song, it’s about the two rappers’ desires of having sex with “every girl”, in the world that is. Basically, reducing women to sex objects. Well, during their BET Awards performance, Drake and Weezy performed the track, while several underage girls danced onstage with them, one being Wayne’s daughter and the others her friends. (Continue Reading…)

Single Black Women Choosing to Adopt
Wendy Duren thought she did everything right. She broke off relationships with men who didn’t want to settle down. She refused to get pregnant out of wedlock. She prayed for a child. Duren’s yearning for motherhood was so palpable that her former fiancé once offered to father a child with her. But he warned her that he wasn’t ready for marriage. “I get bored in relationships after a couple of years,” he told her, she recalls. Those events could have caused some women to give up their dreams of motherhood. But Duren, a pharmaceutical saleswoman, didn’t need a man to be a mom. At 37 years old, she decided to adopt. (Continue Reading…)

Jermaine Jackson: ‘I wish it was me’
The scene is still fresh in Jermaine Jackson’s mind: his mother’s grief-choked voice on the phone telling him the awful news; rushing to UCLA Medical Center and seeing the helicopters hovering overhead; kissing his brother’s lifeless form; watching the three children of Michael Jackson being brought in with a therapist to stand by their father’s body. (Continue Reading…)

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