My name is Dr. Tiffany Brown and I am running for mayor of Atlanta. I am calling on all my Sisters to help us launch a new grassroots campaign to raise one million dollars in less than one minute!

On July 13 at 10 a.m., 100,000 fellow Sisters are going to donate $10 in less than sixty seconds, raising one-million dollars for our campaign!

All of the donations made will go directly to our campaign through the fundraising page on the website. After entering your contact info, this link takes you directly to a donation page on the “Brown for Atlanta” site set up specifically for a “Reinvest Moment.” This is where you’ll make your donation, orchestrating events that get thousands of you empower in meaningful ways and will resonate within the public sphere!

I am seeking your financial blessing of just $10 (or more if you can give it) for my candidacy and our future. My “Reinvest Moment” will be on July 13, 2009. This will be the day that all Christians can come together and reinvest in Atlanta for one special moment. You may choose to give manually or automatically. $10 may seem a lot to some — but that money will jump start my candidacy in more ways than you will ever know. Every little bit helps. If you have any questions, please contact us directly at [email protected]. Also learn about me and my plans for the city at www.brownforatlanta.com.

Lastly pass the word to your fellow parishioners — let them know that they can be part of this empowering movement. REMEMBER, we need one hundred thousand people to give $10 or more, so SPREAD THE WORD! Forward this email to friends, family and loved ones. Spread the word to 10 friends and our powerful, collective voice will usher in a truly historical minute on July 13, 2009!!

Let’s Reinvest and support Sisterhood! Thank you so much!

“In whom we have boldness and access with confidence by the faith of him.” (Ephesians 3:12-NKJ)

With God’s Love,
Dr. Tiffany Brown

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