79065071Baby girl, I see you, and from my vantage point all is looking well. You’re strong and resilient, unique and underestimated, intelligent and unparalleled, yet in still the world sometimes deems you another shadow past midnight; another figure dancing in the dark hoping to break dawn with the clearing of day.

The journey through being a Black Woman, starts with the mystery behind being misunderstood. Sisters get labeled and corned into the idealism of the bystander who fails to know his subject apart from his fractured point of view. We’re said to be bitches or women who harbor some of the nastiest of attitudes. But the argument of our attitude, is only second to the reality of our dedication to life and our long term fight to separate our spirit with the shadows that reside in our legacy of servitude.

We are not here to please the masses, we are here to exist apart from a myriad of circumstances that fight to cripple our existence. We’re not here to offend, fit in, or follow your lead, we exact a trail of our own making and find solace in being leaders even when the plan is still a mystery. We don’t stand to deliver your ideals to life, we mark our territory with our own point of view. We don’t care what people think of us, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. We’re not here to alter anyone’s perception because we know the world is ours for the making as long as we’re here to live in it.

The Black Woman, is a strong woman, born to be a fighter, and bred to win. We are remarkable in every fraction of our being, and hold a posture that’s unmistakable when you’re amidst our will and determination to succeed.

Our mother and fathers raised us to soar on the wingtips of our own flight plan, and through that, we’ve amassed a million miles of credibility that serve as a testimony to a world that we’re continually making.

We cannot be placed in any particular style category, because like most precious diamonds, we’re all one of a kind. “From my hair follicles, down to my toenails,” we are unique and forever changing, we are the wind in our own sails.

Our conversations cannot be characterized, because like a snowflake drifting through a winter breeze, nothing apart from the thunderous storm at which it escapes, is ever identical in its wording even when the source remains the same. We may spout knowledge from the same bugle, but the song continually roams free.

We are natural born leaders, fresh on the trail of a continual ascension. We are bricklayers, and road pavers, that have beat the odds in every circumstance and catapulted our former legacy to a peak of new beginnings. We are Michelle Obama, we are Sylvia Rhone, we are Oprah Winfrey… we are giants marching through a field of our personal ever after.

Our resilience and drive make us one of a kind fighters and completely irreplaceable by anyone’s means. We are Black Woman, dynamic in nature and should be regarded in high esteem. Here’s to the Black Woman and the road that you’ve taken, and the smile the sometimes gets forsaken, I applaud you for your efforts; they broke the mold when they made you.

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