picture-454While Simon Cowell is no doubt hissing, and Randy Johnson is his normal, yo-baby, self, in the wake of Paula Abdul’s departure from “American Idol,” there’s one TV show that would love to employ the star choreographer.

The president of ABC Entertainment recently called Abdul about her joining “Dancing With the Stars.”

“She’s a friend, so I just called her to wish her the best,” he said. “And I told her we’d love to have her on ‘Dancing’ – as a judge, a guest star or a contestant,” Stephen McPherson said.

For her part, Abdul, 47, is interesting but playing it coy. “I am not going to rule that out. I’m a dancer, a choreographer. Dance is a love of mine. But I have yet to sit down and discuss anything with anyone,” she is quoted as saying on the Houston Chronicle web site.

Abdul, who judged “Idol” for eight years, began her dancing career as a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Lakers while attending California State University.

Her big break came when the Jacksons tapped her to choreograph their “Victory” tour in the mid-1980s.

Primarily known for her dancing, Abdul has left an indelible mark on music history and –believe it or not — is one of pop music’s biggest female singers.

She’s released three albums, with her sophomore effort, 1991’s “Spellbound,” selling 13 million copies.

But on the set of “Idol,” Adbul had been chastised for frequently giving overly positive criticism to even the most awful amateur singers.

As for the singers that really were good? She routinely cried.

More recently, Abdul was questioned after several “Idol” broadcasts in which her behavior was seen as “erratic,” and her speech seemed slurred.

She denied any substance abuse problems in 2005 but instead went public with what she said was RSD, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, a chronic disease. RSD sufferers experience an array of problems, including burning and electrical-like shooting pains. Symptoms also include muscle spasms, swelling at the point of injury, sweating and changes in skin temperature and color.

Abdul is reportedly undergoing treatment and feeling better.

As for her invitation to join “Dancing With the Stars,” McPherson said, “She’s a huge talent. I think there’s a sensitivity and a kind of emotion to her that balances out ‘Idol.’ And we’d love to get a piece of that. It would be great.”

In related news, Radar Online reported that Abdul’s replacement on “Idol,” basically sucked in her first taping.

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