4i0sjRevelations in court in the case of the People Vs. Christopher Brown has proved that the violence that changed he and Rihanna’s life on February 8 wasn’t just an unexplainable eruption of emotions.

Police investigating the infamous fight that left Rihanna’s face battered and bruised learned that the couple had got physical at least two times earlier, and both incidents went unreported.

“The first incident occurred in Europe about three months before the present offense,” according to the report, which was obtained by CNN.

In both incidents heated words spilled over into actions. While there is no information on what the argument was about, it is documented that it was Rihanna who resorted to physical combat first. “The victim [Rihanna] and the defendant [Brown] were involved in a verbal dispute and the victim [Rihanna] slapped the defendant [Brown]. He responded by shoving her into a wall.”

This incident proves among other things that the couple had a history of both disrespect and physical brutality, and that they were conditioned to handle their problems through violence.

The second incident reportedly happened about a month before the fight in Los Angeles.

“The defendant [Brown] and the victim [Rihanna] were visiting Barbados and were driving a Range Rover loaned to them by a local dealership,” the investigator wrote. “They had an argument inside the car. The defendant [Brown] exited and broke the front driver and passenger side windows of the car.”

Perhaps the couple’s violence brought the self-destructive nature of the two to the fore, allowing them both to see for themselves the harm they had done to each other.

Similar to another bad relationship—that of Ike and Tina Turner — the couple seemingly were headed down a slippery slope of deadly violence, uncontrollable rage and low-self esteem.

Tina Turner, in her 1987 autobiography, said she escaped abuse at the hands of her husband only after a vicious fight that ended with her nose being broken in the back seat of a limo, hours before they were scheduled to perform. It was the first and last time she fought back against her husband. She left him that night.

The judge in the case gave Brown five years probation and told me to stay away from Rihanna for the length of that time. The judge also sentenced Brown to “actual physical labor, as opposed to some type of community service.”

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