Crotch Shots: Are the Paparazzi Wrong or Dead-Wrong? You know, we often compare celebrities of today with those of yesteryear: Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, or even Marilyn Monroe and the like.

Celebrities have always attracted the crowds and spontaneous flashes from photographers eager to get the perfect shot. But one thing that has changed in recent years is the undeniable fact that we’re seeing more and more (and more) of celebrities’ bodies that ever before.

Even the most light-headed movie star, the most drugged-up actress didn’t have to contend with dozens of vulture-like paparazzi looking for her dress to flip up or get in her vehicle in a compromising way.

What gives?

Celeb-shooting photographers are gunning for the crotch shot these days, trying to catch your favorite singer or actor in the most compromising and vulnerable position there is. While there are some celebrities that actually relish these revealing flashes of flesh, and look to maximize the, pardon the pun, exposure, there are many others that find it repugnant. And many fans don’t like it either.

Celebrities that have endured the embarrassing crotch shot in recent years read like a who’s who of Hollywood: Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Beyonce, Madonna, Lil Kim, Nicole Scherzinger and more.

But what is fueling the paparazzi’s thirst for such photography? Is it our own unquenchable lust for all things celebrity? Is it the stars and the way they portray themselves in a sexualized way? No matter how you stand on the issue, just remember, if you happen to get famous, there’s a good chance a sneaky photographer lurks in the shadows, waiting for to catch a slip or a nip.

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  • kween

    gross….that is all.

  • a hot mess, but once you establish a market for something, someone will provide it. I can remember all the buzz about a Britney crotch shot a few years and back and I think since then paparrazi has been capitalizing on the public’s weird preoccupation with this sort of compromising pic. Even when Rihanna and Cassie’s pics got out there… people wanted to see them. A mess.

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  • Debbe Bills

    I recently found a Kodak photo of Marilyn Monroe that is a crotchshot. Due to it’s content I’m sure it’s never been published. She is surrounded by reporters and it looks like she is giving an interview of some sorts. I don’t recognize any of the reporters but it was before my time.Does anyone know or have an idea of it’s worth? She isn’t wearing any underwear!!