dailyphoto090810Keri Hilson Took Detour to Stardom
Keri Hilson initially planned to break into the music industry as a singer. Straight from the best-laid-plans file, however, she encountered several false starts. But she didn’t abandon her dream. Hilson did put it on layaway as she sharpened another skill: songwriting. Not only has she become a sought-after writer, Hilson finally broke out earlier this year as a chart-topping singer with her aptly titled debut album, “In a Perfect World.” And her career evolution underscores the increasing role publishing companies are playing in artist development. (Continue Reading…)

Report: Jackson Kids’ Godfather Claims Paternity
A British tabloid reported Saturday that the godfather of Michael Jackson’s three children claims to be the father of the singer’s daughter Paris. The News of the World quotes Jackson’s longtime friend Mark Lester as saying that he “gave Michael my sperm so that he could have kids — and I believe Paris is my daughter.” The newspaper also quotes Lester, is a 51-year-old former child star known for his lead role in the 1968 movie version of the state show “Oliver!” as saying he’s willing to take a paternity test. In a video interview with Lester broadcast on the News of the World Web site, Lester said he donated his sperm at a London clinic. He said Jackson was married to Debbie Rowe at the time. (Continue Reading…)

Study: Marriage Down Among Educated Black Women
Fewer highly educated black women in the United States are getting married and starting a family, researchers say. Yale University sociology Professor Hannah Brueckner, who co-wrote a study regarding highly educated black women, said a growing number of them have been focusing on education rather than families and marriage during the last 40 years, the American Sociology Association reported Saturday. “In the past nearly four decades, black women have made great gains in higher education rates, yet these gains appear to have come increasingly at the cost of marriage and family,” Brueckner said. (Continue Reading…)

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