982-0804jasmineembeddedprod_affiliate56First of all it’s the name: Jasmine, a heavily fragrant flower that puts one in the mind of springtime and everything good. Then that unavoidable last name, Messiah. There’s no doubt she can speak with righteous indignation and get away with it.

And she just may be heavensent for the Republicans looking for a Kryptonite to Obama’s superman persona.
Eight-year-old Jasmine Messiah is the buzz of the Internet right now for seemingly singling out Sasha and Malia Obama in an advertisement advocating better food for public schools.

In the ad, sponsored by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Jasmine appears next to a simple but massively powerful message:

“President Obama’s daughters get healthy school lunches. Why don’t I?”

It is not clear how the physicians group hooked up with Jasmine but the photogenic Miami child may be fairly known to casting agents in the Dade County area where she’s from.

After President Obama won the election last fall, much effort went into finding a suitable school for Sasha and Malia. They settled on Sidwell Friends School, a private institution that served vegetarian lunches and nutritional meals.

Jasmine sent a letter to the sisters that the White House has yet to respond to. The letter said in part:

I’m glad that your school, Sidwell Friends, already has lots of healthy options in the cafeteria, including vegetarian chili and roasted vegetable pizza.” “The problem is that most students eat unhealthy foods, like hot dogs, pepperoni pizza, ham sandwiches and cheeseburgers, every day at school,” Jasmine, who attends public school in Miami, wrote. “A lot of schools, including mine, don’t offer enough healthy fruits, vegetables and vegetarian meals.”

Wow, talk about getting at somebody.

The physicians group basiclaly wants to bring attention to child obesity, but did they have to target the First Daughters?

Will Jasmine Messiah become a celebrity? Stay tuned.

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