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  • Nuru

    Maxwell is back in full effect … he never left honestly. Dude needs to be more highly recognised. Dude is pushing the envelope with this album. I am so proud. Loves it.

  • ceecee

    Damn I love Kerry but she has to stop playing the other woman. Either way that is a beautiful video, didn’t expect anything less from Maxwell

  • Thai

    Love this video! One of Maxwell’s steamiest ever!

  • IA with ceecee. I love them both and this song is hott.

  • Shelly

    Dont get me wrong…i love MAXWELL…but this video is not his best…i’m abit sad because i thought it would be better than it is. they cut one the the best parts of the video which is the beginning…”make me crazy, dont speak no sound, i want you to prove it to me in the nude, addicted to the way you move…” as said before I am SAD…I still love ya MAXWELL!!!!