picture5 Conservatives, neocons and down right racists are mercilessly criticizing McDonald’s decision to launch a web site celebrating African-Americans.

The site, 365black.com, has launched recently and has had to endure threats, taunts and cruel jokes akin to having no ketchup with your fries.

For its part, 365.black.com has this to say about its purpose:

Fox Nation, an opinion site started by Fox News earlier this year, has had a field day chastising the McDonald’s Corporation about 365black.com, a site many commenters call “racist” and blatant race-mongering.

From Daily Kos:

The comments below are just a selection of those available. Please note also that Fox Nation is a moderated web site that removes offensive content. These, obviously were not removed:

365white-copyMany share the sentiment that if the fast-food restaurant had started a site called 365White that there would be a rigorous debate complete with rallies and marches.

So vitriolic has the issue become, that at least one web site has sprung up targeting McDonald’s for a boycott.

It goes without saying that McDonald’s has made a fortune in the black community. It also seems to be common knowledge that for years the eatery – along with a few similar others — was the only “real job” that would employ persons of color in heavily African-American areas. Stands to reason that some of these employees have risen in the ranks, now to the point where they can make important decisions about ways to market and promote the McDonald’s name and product.

It is fairly possible that this 365black.com has born itself from those humble beginnings.

But there is also a dissenting point of view, one that says that the web site is just the latest way a multi-billion-dollar corporation is leaching off black people.

Either way, the hate from the conservative right-wingers seems out of pocket.

Would do you think? Are Fox and their friends off their rocker?

Thanks Daily Kos and Kiss My Black Ads!

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  • Harlem Chic

    Well…arrogance and ignorance don’t mix well. If America taught black history as American history (as they should) some white people wouldn’t be so up in arm about black history 365 days a year. They would know that we (black and whites) built this country together from the beginning. How do they think the infrastructure for America was built? by themselves?

    They can hate all they want but the facts are the facts and that’s why it’s so important to know history.

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  • Mina

    I’m not surprised, it’s this is the same argument dumbasses have against BET,”Why isn’t there a channel called WET!”

    There is a channel called WET, it’s called NBC, ABC, Fox Network, CBS, MTV and VH1, there are more, but I simply don’t have the time.

  • Good post. 365Black is ridiculous. I think this is one of those things that we’re all going to look back on and say “I can’t believe they thought like that!”

    I just wrote something up about it as well.