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  • Rhue b

    I don’t think anyone wants a race war. I will be happy if I live to see a time where Americans see each other as humans not just colors. :(

  • Jamminontheone

    What John Legend and Rollin Martin both said was so true. Nic Lott is delusional to not know that because the “N” wasn’t said…there are other ways. Like Obama in white face calling him a Socialist and have the Russian symbol, or the Witch Doctor picture which I am offended by. It is a shame that they are people who hate because of the color of the skin.

  • medina

    totally agree with what john said. once again we are stuck talking about race. which is what we need to do but at the same time we have to tackle, health care, unemployment and gaps in socio-economic class

  • Alex

    Yeah…I think stuff has the potential to get really ugly. John is right though. whites out number blacks 5 to 1 and passion sets a fire to reason. Talk about race all day and nothing will get accomplished.