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  • Loquacious_

    Umm, yeah. Not going to touch this with with a ten foot pole. This is definitely a “Code 10!” *lol*

  • Dia

    he said they lack social etiquette but this is the second show shes had on this. It was sad because he made his mother cry well most of them disappointed their parents. I think she even had a show where people just didn’t like their race at all and weren’t even mixed.

  • shirley

    alexa doesn’t even look black. she does look like the image associated with Hispanics. roderick…wow !! self-hate !!!

  • niki:)

    I think that the way they portrayed the conversation was wrong, because some of what people were saying were understandable.
    Race is a social construct. Which means that although people do have genes past down in their family, we all basically have the exact same genetic makeup. So basically, it’s a made up name for how you look.
    So the fact that these women don’t like to be judged by their race makes sense, just the way they are trying to exclude half of their race is just ignorant.
    I wish more people would understand that when you’re mixed your just as black as you are white, and vice versa.