Cross your legs.

Don’t speak too loud.

Don’t wear sneakers everyday.

Gotta know how to clean and take care of home.

Jeans are not good for you. It’s just not “lady-like”.

These were some of the few statements I heard growing up with my grandparents. “In my day a lady acted as a lady and a man treated her as such,” she said. “Now today every lady wants to do what a man does”.

I didn’t want to hear that.

Now don’t get me wrong I respected all her be-a-lady seminars, but for most of my adolescent years I resented all things ladylike.

The woman-wombed-man to me was power and that is what I wanted to be. But there was something missing. I still wanted to be considered delicate and docile and be treated as sensitive as what I imagined a “lady” to be. Then I thought to myself, is there a word or a definition that combines the strength I associated with being a woman and the refinement and class of being a lady?

After talking to several people and doing research I came up with the following definition for “Woman”:

Woman refers to the female gender, having experience, strength, independence, and respect; a female that is versatile yet stern.

The definition I have derived through the same research of a “Lady”:

Of the female gender, possesses a level of class, sophistication, can possibly be snooty, possesses good manners, and dainty with a feminine appeal.

After hearing both definitions, I decided I would prefer to be a woman-lady (hoping I can have my cake and eat it too). I needed a word that captured both that which people connect to being a woman and the traits of a lady. And then it rained on me: Renaissance Woman. I want to be a renaissance woman; refined by all that defines a lady’s docile connotation but with the respect and strength of a woman.

I don’t have to have to be submissive to be a lady and I don’t have to be too strong where I emasculate my male counterpart. As a woman, I can be the kindest and strongest while creating a total blend by being a renaissance woman. I know some of you may be wondering what defines a renaissance woman? I will let you in on my breakdown but feel free to add your thoughts to create the ideal woman/lady you can be.

Renaissance Woman 101

  • Be refined in your interaction with others and the way you treat yourself. Yes that includes taking care of your appearance and making sure you are in tip-top shape and always making the best impression. First impressions are everything
  • Know how to eat healthy and how to make a great meal. Know how to clean your home and create an environment that is fit for any queen and her ideal king
  • Talk with confidence yet have compassion in your speech. Know how to strategize and get what you want achieved while being personable.
  • Never eye-gouge, rough talk, or provide any scene that will appear less than ladylike. A lady knows how to walk away and a woman knows how to win any fight without blows below the belt or sharp words.
  • Perfect the ability to blend being tough and sensitive, we all love sugar and spice….and you are on your way.
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