We all have been in love Rihanna’s highlights since Spring and now Ms. Ursula has just let us in on her secret for Rihanna’s fabulous highlights – extensions! Check out what Ursula told InStyle about Rihanna’s blonde highlights.

“We kept saying we wanted to play around with color, but we didn’t want to do anything too sweet,” said her hairstylist, Ursula Stephen. She added blond extensions (yes, that’s right!) through the entire top of Rihanna’s head, but left the roots natural. “Why dye when you can just buy?” said Stephen.

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  • cher

    I like her with all black hair. I think she’d look great with maybe a darker blonde. None the less she’s beautiful. And I doubt she bleaches her skin. A camera flash will make anyone look lighter, trust me.

  • Dashayna

    1st off, she lives in California, so tell me my she not getting sun kissed? N of course people know that bleaching is wrong but they still do it, i.e. micheal jackson, letoya jackson, lets not fraud, people keep it real!!

  • Dashayna

    we all noe crack is bad, and gang banging is bad but don’t people still do it?

  • I’m not loving the blonde. Not at all…. and even I could tell that wasn’t her hair, not really a secret. But I do admire her ability to switch things up and take risks.