Picture 677I have to admit that if I had a time machine I would love to go back in time and be a hippie. There is just something about the free loving, the laid back attitude, the natural vibe. Something about it all just really speaks to me. I can totally picture myself with my hair picked out, my flower skirt on, and my fringe vest throwing up a peace sign as I sang about togetherness. Now of course I would pack my makeup in the time machine so that even in the sixties I would look flawless. I am all for peace and love but while I am fighting for it I want some gloss on.

The bad news is I don’t own a time machine. The good news is that I can still get that hippie feeling with Happy Hippy Shower Gel by Lush ($9.25, lushusa.com). It takes you to a place when people cared about love, life and the planet. Every time you lather up with this happy yellow gel you get a shot of fresh squeezed grapefruit and fresh squeezed happiness.

Everything seems brighter and more vibrant after washing your hair and body with Happy Hippy. I love the fact that the grapefruit scent smells incredibly fresh and it leaves a nice scent to your skin after you rinse.

And you couldn’t feel like a hippy with out doing something good for the earth. This product is vegan, made by hand and not tested on animals. Revive your body and mind while doing some good stuff. You will feel better, look better and smell better. So give peace and Hippy Shower Gel a chance.

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