Speaking from a collegiate woman’s perspective, I can truly say it’s a great experience and I wouldn’t trade it for the world, BUT everything is not always peachy keen. It’s not always about partying, going to football games, and boys because we have priorities also. In order to have a great college experience, making sure these five things are taken care of:

1. Finances

Our first order of business should be making sure funds are in order. Tuition isn’t cheap (especially out-of-state and private institutions). Bills and books aren’t either. Websites like www.chegg.com and www.half.com are great sites to use if funds are tight. Saving money is something every college student is trying to do (especially during this economic crisis).

2. Grades

Grades can determine whether or not we’re eligible for scholarships, internships, and most importantly, graduation. You don’t have to stress yourself out, but make sure you put time and effort into reports and projects. Remember, we are paying for our education and we all want to get our money’s worth.

3. Time Management

Time management is everything. Balancing a social life, classes, and extracurricular activities can be hectic. If you’re a busy girl, the daily planner will become your best friend. Balancing everything makes us more responsible and a little bit more conscious about our time, because time really is precious and we cannot afford to waste it.

4. Health

College campuses are breeding grounds for meningitis and other diseases such as HPV. HPV (Human Papillomavirus) is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections. HPV can also lead to genital wart and cervical cancer. Free HIV/AIDS testing is also available on campus. If you’re sexually active (or not), making sure you get tested on a regular basis is essential. Getting routine checkups, making sure shared living space is clean, and eating right will keep you on the road to good health. For those of us who do not have a regular doctor/gynecologist, utilizing health services on campus is also beneficial. After all, we’re paying for it.

5. The Future

After walking across that stage, what’s next? Finding a job in your field or finding a job just to pay your bills is critical. The real world is a scary place and everything we worry about in college will be essential. Developing networking skills and a good work ethic will also prepare us for the workforce. This can be done by joining organizations, scoring internships, and simply networking with peers majoring in the same field as you.

After all the business is squared away, relaxation comes and memorable moments lie ahead.

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