Sometimes I don’t even know why I turn on the TV. Even with all the channels cable provides, it’s like I can feel my brain decaying while watching the drab, predictable content and imagery that comprises at least 90% of current programming. Hence, you could imagine my surprise when I saw 2 of my favorite actors, Gabrielle Union and John Cho (Harold from Harold & Kumar) getting hot and heavy during the second episode of the ABC’s new sci-fi drama “FastForward.”

That’s right, Bumble Bee Lovin, synonymous with Blasian, denotes a union between Black and Asian (no pun intended, Gabby). Gabrielle plays a fierce attorney who’s engaged to an FBI (enter John Cho). Granted, I was totally baffled as to the plot during last week’s episode, but “stayed tuned” due to my initial disbelief of what was being portrayed.

Why is that, you ask? Well, it’s not often we see that the Bumble Bees in real life or on screen – although they do exist (holla if you’ve gotten your buzz on a time or two). Kudos to ABC for pushing the envelope and implanting some avant-garde type ish into our minds for a change. Incidentally, it doesn’t hurt that I have a school-girl crush on John Cho (I love me some fine ass Korean dudes).

In the US, we all tend to live by such vacuous limitations, and receive prompt condemnation once we step out of (the color) line. Love happens, and it’s high time this fact is reflected in the media. Black women are attracted to, and by, all types of fellas. Who knows, we may be witnessing is a small step towards progress. I look forward to the day when such matters are commonplace. In the meantime, I’m gonna enjoy the pollination while it lasts.

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