Idris Elba developing NBC legal drama
Idris Elba, the British actor who starred in seven episodes of “The Office” last season, is staying in business with NBC. Elba will serve as an executive producer of an untitled legal drama about a vigilante lawyer who uses any means necessary to defend his clients against a corrupt district attorney and city establishment. It was written by feature scribes Sean O’Keefe and Will Staples. David Eick (“Battlestar Galactica”) will also executive produce. (Continue Reading…)

RNC anti-Obama photo taken down from Facebook
The Republican National Committee came under fire after a user posted a controversial photo on its Facebook page. The RNC “fan” upload features a picture of President Obama eating fried chicken with the slogan: “Miscegenation Is a CRIME against American values… Repeal Loving v. Virginia.” Loving v. Virginia is a milestone civil rights case that led the Supreme Court to rule that prohibiting interracial marriage violates the Constitution. Though the “miscegenation” post was removed from the RNC’s Facebook page after provoking outrage, Newsweek points out that the slip-up is not an isolated incident: (Continue Reading…)

Global premiere for Michael Jackson movie
Michael Jackson fans around the world readied for the singer’s last bow Tuesday in a film that captures rehearsals for his aborted concert stand last summer. From early evening in Los Angeles to late night in New York City, from the pre-dawn hours in Europe to business hours in Asia and elsewhere, “Michael Jackson: This Is It” arrives simultaneously in the biggest cinematic blowout ever for a music film. Opening in 99 countries Tuesday and Wednesday, the film expands to 110 territories by this weekend, with distributor Sony putting 15,000 prints of “This Is It” into circulation. (Continue Reading…)

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