This isn’t going to be the typical Fall Fashion Report you’ll find everywhere from your favorite magazines to your favorite sites across the web. We aren’t looking to cheerfully report to you all of the hot new trends and designers you should be on the lookout for. Why? Simply because we here at Clutch have grown to know our readers as the most stylishly confident and informed women around. But then, who are we going to enlighten with the upcoming seasons best choices you’re wondering? This time around, we’re helping you school your favorite yet, fashionably challenged girlfriends, awkwardly developing younger relatives and even your clueless and comically dressed co-workers. Spread the style this season with Clutch’s Fall Fashion Guide for Dummies. Trust us, they’ll thank you later.

It’s always easy to tell a woman what she should wear each season but, who’s advising her of what not to wear? Transitioning between summer trends and falls trends can be tricky. Unknowingly mixing and matching the wrong pieces can and usually always leads to a bi-seasonal disaster. With fashion finally phasing out of the retro and vintage inspired period, it’s crucial to choose the right looks that will mark your knowledge of the arrival of modern style. Embrace the change by bidding farewell to some of these common and beloved fashion trends of seasons past.


Initially apprehensive to the inclusion of neon’s into our wardrobe, ultra bright pieces over the last few years have become somewhat of a staple. “Want your look to pop? Grab a hot pink clutch!” we dared, preached and supported personally. But, as contemporary fall style is centered around the concept of sophistication and futurism, these audacious color palettes are being replaced with the opposite muted versions. As fall’s base color ways are typically charcoal, navy, black and shades of browns, we’re finding the new accent colors to be pale pinks, jade greens and sultry reds. This seems a little boring you might believe at first thought but, as fashion evolves for women, we’re finding the new focus to be complex minimalism. And this change isn’t a seasonal trend but, a sign of the evolution of fashion. Can you still stand out from the crowd wearing these seemingly drab colors? A truly stylish woman definitely will.

Fun and flirtatious, we courageously weathered many a season in our minis. Long sleeve turtle necked minis in the winter and strapless minis in the summer. Looking back, time sure does fly. Who would’ve realized that for the last four years, Beyonce has had us all shaping up and stepping out in our foxiest “freakum” dresses. There’s nothing wrong with showing off those great long legs in those killer heels but, style has settled on a rather mature commonground this season. Blending both the best cuts and accents of our favorite fitted minis and carefree maxis, lie the classier knee range alternative. Two inches above or below the knee and cut for a sleek and accentuating fit, this comfortable and wearable medium is both sexy and fashion forward.

So as fashion is essentially an art, where do we look to express ourselves as the cuts and colors seem to promote simplicity? The shoe of course. With a slew of fresh and captivating new designs being birthed out of our favorite fashion houses every season, a woman’s shoe smarts is no longer determined by her knowledge of labels but, her taste and appreciation of the architecture. Heel construction alone is becoming way more intense and exciting. Color and print are no longer the attention grabber, the blueprint is. As an added compliment to creating the ultimate leg appeal, the stocking. While tights have reined the norm for the last few years (even making wearing peep toes in colder weather acceptable) the heavier opaque option has fell short visually this season with the re-emergence of the sheer stocking. The slightly tinted leg has proven sexier and more subtle, the most suitable pairing with an exotic shoe choice.

As fate would have it, a great clutch never goes out of style. So what are the more modern approaches to our favorite bag? Flatter, wider and more luxurious. The classic rectangular cut has been reshaped and repurposed. Appearing a larger wallet as opposed to an actual purse, unfortunately for you bag ladies out there you won’t be getting away with stuffing the maximum amount of your daily necessities into this chic accessory. Fortunately, the larger alternative in replacement of the hobo is the slightly smaller and stylish briefcase. Heavily accented and detailed, this once basic and masculine piece is becoming a symbol of worldliness and refinement for fashionable women.

What is happening to fashion you’re thinking? It used to be fun and daring. Take it all in and pass it on to those in your circle who might get left behind. Although designers are always changing with the season, the last few years have been somewhat safe and repetitive. But, the world is different now and designers are scrambling to dress our fashionable first lady. So if you’re like us, then you’re ready to embrace the change of the new face of fashion.


– Oversized jackets
– Trench coat and blazer cut dresses
– Lean trousers
– High collared shirts
– Pale pinks, jade greens, deep reds
– Leather
– Longer gloves
– Tailored suits
– Bias cuts
– Masculine and feminine hybrids

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