I have to admit I wanted a bottle of Lola by Marc Jacobs, ($65-$85, sephora.com) before I even took one whiff. Not because of the name on the bottle but because of the bottle itself. The bottle’s exquisite, multi-layered cap is a bursting bouquet with bright modern colors that pop against a matte black background and rope-inspired, gold metallic neck. It takes the best of fashion and mixes it with the best of art and nature. I just hoped the scent delivered as much as the bottle did.

So you can imagine that I was relieved when I fell madly in love with the scent that smells like a warm floral bouquet. The scent aims to convey the free spirit of today’s sexy, modern girl – playful, cool, and flirtatious. The scent is long lasting and can be worn day-and-night. Its opens with pink peppercorn, pear, and ruby red grapefruit. Blooming midnotes of rose, fuchsia peony, and geranium make a feminine statement. Layers of vanilla, warm tonka bean, and creamy musk create a wonderful dry down.

This is the type of fragrance that will make you feel fun and free. Its not to strong but it lets you know its there. It will be noticed in all the right ways. And the bottle even after the fragrance is long gone will be displayed on my dresser.

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