Welcome to Product Junkies Anonymous (PJA), a safe space for men and women to discuss and recover from their common addiction: Product Junkism (PJ). Here at PJA, we have designed 5-step programs to help you recover from various forms of PJ. Today we’ll focus on one of the more common forms—Newly Natural Product Junkism (NNPJ).

1) Admit you have a problem
By clicking this link you’ve probably completed Step One. For those who are hesitant to admit they struggle with NNPJ, go find all of your hair products and line them up on your bathroom counter. How many do you have, and how does this number compare to the amount of products you use regularly? How many have you bought in the past month? If you’ve bought over 5 products in the past month that you really didn’t need, you may have a problem.

2) No Buy Phase
You are not to buy any products for a month or more depending on the severity of your addiction. In order to prevent future purchases, you may not stroll through the hair care aisle at beauty supply stores, drugstores, or department stores alone. You may not go to online vendors to browse. You may not open emails from online vendors advertising sales. Caution should be exercised on hair boards, fotkis, and blogs because these can send you hunting for your wallet.

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