Who sold this idea to women that it is the sole responsibility of a man to always have condoms at hand?

Truth be told, most men have more sexual encounters than they can admit to anyone other than trusted male friends — probably anyone else would get that kind of information if there is million bucks to be won in a Truth or Dare game.

Therefore, it stands to reason that the chances of such a man running out of condoms is very high. And when a woman shows up at his door, ready for action, he will not turn her down. One can bet that despite knowing the risks involved, the poor dude would, in the heat of the moment, risk unprotected sex with her.

In some cases where sisters are seeking treatment for this or that sexual disease or carrying an unplanned pregnancy, the man never used a rubber shield — not because he did not want to but because he had run out of them.

But come to think of it, such madams would have saved themselves the messy situation had they gathered the courage to carry a pack of condoms in their spacious XXXL handbags.

Unplanned encounters

Now I know someone is raising a point of order to ask me why most men don’t carry condoms as often as they should. Well you see, a man’s wallet is small and could damage condoms easily.

But suggest to a sister that she should always have enough sense to carry condoms or keep enough in her house if her Romeo is the kind that happens without warning, and she will shoot back an empty stare as though you are speaking some Chinese. As if you think she is loose.

Besides, many a woman reasons that her man is also likely to conclude that she does not trust him if she ever insisted on condoms. Where do women get that mentality? Why are sisters so ready to risk their lives just to gain the trust of a man?

Safe, not sorry

Ordinarily, it is the responsibility of a man to have enough condoms in his house and, better still, carry some when he knows he might get active outside his den.

But like our government that does not plan for anything until disasters happens, many brothers have had to put out unexpected fires. A man might be aware that only one condom or none at all is left in store, but the decision to grab the piece of rubber is made after foreplay — which, as you would guess, is usually too late. Worse, the local shop and bar is closed or it is too dangerous to venture into the night.

So what is a man to do? Wouldn’t it be so nice if the man didn’t have to waste precious time asking: “Should I or should I not do it?” because the woman reaches into her bag and hands him what he needs at the nick of time?

Only a fool would frown at a woman who keeps safe because who knows? He could be protecting himself from unplanned parenthood if not a deadly sexual disease. Nonetheless, some men don’t like the idea of using a condom due to a warped belief that rubber-less sex is more pleasurable.

So, when an opportunity presents itself, they would be more than ready to jump at it, the risks notwithstanding. But rather than be sorry later, it is better for sisters to keep their own rubber, because no woman should be such a daredevil that she risks her life.

Anyway, It is no secret that women are taking matters in their own hands in many fields. They should stand up to be counted in such a small matter as buying a condom, a little investment that could make a whole lot of difference in their lives.

A sister who hands a man rubber is telling him he has no choice but use it. If he doesn’t have a good reason not to, sister, run for the hills.

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