Protective ‘low manipulation’ hairstyles reduce the amount of hair breakage, aid in length retention and protect against split ends. Braids, cornrows, twists, buns, updos, wigs and even headwraps can be worn to protect your hair for the upcoming winter weather. Last year, I embarked on a journey of wearing my hair in protective styles for an entire year. From August of ’08 to August of ’09 I wore protective styles which helped me achieve much healthier hair and I retained about five inches of growth.

Although I don’t plan on doing this again, this upcoming fall/winter season I plan on wearing protective styles, but this time instead of wearing just plain box braids or two-strand twists, I plan to wear more styles. I decided to make a protective hairstyle guide for myself and others who are looking for protective style ideas. The following YouTube videos consists of some simple and intricate styles that can be done on short or long hair, and most have step-by-step instructions.

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