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  • Lauren

    I can’t front. I LOVE this song! lol

  • Mz C.

    Lovin the beard on 50….oh hell im lovin his body too!…Kelly looks nice too!

  • Have a baby by me, be a millionaire? Are you serious? Is this what is considered a mainstream rap song nowadays? Boy, I’m missing me some old school when rappers were creative with their rhyming skills. They didn’t have to talk about their bank, what they’re driving or wearing, or what they’d like to do to women in the bedroom. Not hating, just reminiscing when rap was more original. Now onto the video. So this was 50’s version of what LL Cool J showed us back in the 90’s with “Hey Lover”. Same concept, dreaming about being with another guy’s girl and what life what be like with her. Enough said on that. Kelly Rowland reemerging as the love interest in a rapper’s song. Have we seen this before? Will Nelly get jealous? Probably not since he’s rocking wit Ashanti. Not knocking Kelly’s hustle, everyone needs a paycheck. Wasn’t feeling those wigs on her by the way..it made her look almost unrecognizable..or was that the point? And Neyo graced the song with the hook…would it be harsh to say I didn’t even recall seeing him in the video? 50, you can do better than this and will need to so you can remain a millionaire!

  • J. Mack

    Kelly looks fabulous…too bad this girl can’t get any real shine