Picture 1006Much like a celebrity recycling dumpsite, UK reality show “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!” is rife with folks clamoring for some shine before the final sunset. One such person goes by the name of name Joe Bugner. According to Female First, former boxing opponent who once shared the ring with Muhammad Ali has used his reality spotlight to share some views that have offended at least one of his fellow castaway contestants. Word is, the aging Aussie boxer told one of his team mates that he felt that AIDS was “created by the CIA” while the camera was rolling no less.

Naturally, this statement has been promptly edit right on out of the episode and all that remains is this comment from one British bloke affiliated with the program named “Justin”:

“Joe’s made me feel really uncomfortable with his comments about Aids and the CIA. But I’m going to bite my tongue on this occasion and pretend it never happened.”

We’re curious as to what about Bugner’s comment made him so uncomfortable, and equally important – why? Aren’t people entitled to their opinions? Why the trepidation?

What say you Clutchettes & Gents? Did the British media do us all a disservice by not probing into the matter? If Bugner‘s claim is straight up poppycock, is there any harm in exploring the off-kilter views of a punch drunk D-List celeb?

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