• Mz CAss

    LOVVVEE This song!! Alicia hunny, you cant walk in heels that good Just like me! and You are showing that hey im not a size 5 but I can rock whatever I want LUVS IT!

  • Alysha

    It’s okay. I personally expect better from Ms. Keys.

    The scene with the dude at the end was straight out of X-men. Draining mutants of their powers and humans of their life force is definitely Rogue’s power. They even used the same special effect to show how it manifests itself.

  • Mona

    The song is nice and she is such a pretty girl, but she seriously needs to take some walking, posture and glam up classes. She still has this butcher thing going on, like a girly face but her body language is a bit rough. I didn’t find her styling flattering either. Especially the dress she is wearing when playing the piano, makes her look really chunky. Same thing with the purple one shoulder piece, it doesn’t flatter her figure and the fact that she stands with her legs so appart doesn’t help either.

  • alloy stevens

    I love your jacket

  • zoe lady

    dis song is da best n it help alot of people. i just love her