• Dia

    it took me a long time to get over thing i hated, i hated my hair becasue it was unruly i hated my legs becasue they were too muscular, but i had my mom to tell me that i looked good in my own special way, now i love everything about myself. But most black people and other races and ethnicities don’t have that person telling them that you are you and you will never be like the next person. I also don’t compare myself to magazine covers and celebs, once you start that you become infatuated with it.

  • fayva

    Very very informative….. thought provoking and oh so scary…….we all find fault in ourselves and we tend to focus on the BAD more so than the good….no one is perfect…LOVE yourself………

  • Nica13

    As someone who has been a C/D cup since junior high school. I can feel where the lady wanting the breast reduction is coming from. The physical concerns that the doctor outlined with larger breasts are real – perky is not even an issue at that point. I really felt for the man who wanted to be taller. He had a great attitude through it all and was very honest.

    Keep up the good work Clutch. I’m so glad you brought these clips to our attention.

  • Wow. That’s all I can say. I would def like to see the next episode about the girl wanting to look like Barbie, which I think is just stupid. Like is she serious???

    But I did enjoy getting this info. I myself am not happy with my body. I’m getting fat, and I hate it! I wish I could just be skinny. I’ve lost weight before, and I dont understand why I cant do it again. Sometimes I find myself getting jealous of my mom and two brothers light skin, because I’m milk chocolatey (my other brother and sister are also not light skinned because my dad is of a darker complexion). I used to say my nose was too fat/wide and my lips too big, but I’ve become comfortable with them.

    But I’m always grateful that I am the way I am. At least I’m not fat like some other people, or as dark as others, or have lips as big, a nose as big as others. And I feel wrong when I say/think those things… Does anyone understand what I’m saying?

    But thanks for this video. Is the first one, and subsequent ones gonna be posted?!?!? Very interesting!

    • Oh yeah. And I do sympathize with the people the documentary followed. I especially understand why the black lady wanted the breast reduction. I myself am a 38D. I think it’s scary sometimes. Over the years my breasts have grown going from whatever size it was when I was a younger teenager to a 36C by like 10th grade or so, and I’m 20 now with some 38D knockers…. watching the video, I do now think that maybe the neck pain I have from time to time comes from them, and I’ve always blamed it on my glasses, which I dont wear all the time…..

      And the poor guy, Sy. I’m not that tall, only 5’4, but I’m female, so it’s understandable. But I also do wish I was taller, maybe just 2-3 inches…

      But it’s amazing to see what our world has done to some people, purposely or not…

  • Alexa

    Wow….I just feel like, what’s the point in hating yourself? Let other people do that, I mean there’s going to be enough people in the world hating you, why would you join the bandwagon? There’s nothing special about looking white. Everybody is beautiful whether you are white, oriental, asian, black, latino, or native american. People should get rid of their insecurities because if you love yourself, that love is infectious and other people will love you too.

    Comparing yourself to other people in order to boost your own confidence is kinda silly, it’s a false sense of self. You’ll always be wondering who you are in comparison to other people. Take time to love yourself for who YOU are.

    On a sillier note, I think soldier slim said it best when he said ”Either you love me or love me not, I’m gon’ be me” :)