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  • dazzle

    its a sad case becauase deep down,all any of us really want is to be accepted for what we are.instead we start despising each other more and more.only way to cure it is for the impossable.a world for whites,blacks,asians,etc.hold on.then you would need a world for pretty people of 1 race,fat people,spottty,deformed.wheres it stop… the state of how people think we are never going to accept each other regardless of whatever we do.because we are all taught if they dont look like you,dont believe in what you do,dont talk like you,got more or less money than you.its not acceptable.people just want to be what they are as looks go and be accepted for it….never going to lets just keep killing each other till there is no one left.and let the ones that can accept each other have the planet,they deserve it.its not for the rest of us.

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