sasha-fierce-5The word stupid characterizes someone who is lacking ordinary quickness and keenness of mind. Well, according to renowned Egyptologist Zahi Hawass, it’s a term well suited to describe Beyonce during her recent visit to Egypt.

According to reporter Summer al-Gamal, Hawass referred to Beyonce as a “stupid person” after becoming annoyed by her lack of interest and enthusiasm when giving her a tour of the ancient Egyptian ruins. Word is, he said, “I showed her the Sphinx and I gave her a book on King Tutankhamen – She’s a stupid person and she doesn’t understand a thing and she doesn’t want to understand… She’s coming here to take pictures and that’s it.'”

Harsh words for a mere tourist. He acts as if she’s supposed to be a pupil of some sort… Regardless, this has made headlines for a number of reasons. Rather than speculate, we’d like to get your take on thangs. Are you in defense, or simply on the fence? Do you even care? Do share….

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  • Kiki

    Hello, we’re talking about Beyonce here. She was probably was thinking about how she was going to gyrate crazily on top of the Sphinx, become the incarnation of Isis when the Sasha thing gets old and get mummified in her next music video. She’s got some crazy videos. That’s all I can say. If her assistants read this and she releases a video with the description that I gave I’m comin after y’all for my money! Lol!

  • zahi is considered the sasha fierce of egyptology, finding a way to earn millions on the king tut exhibit when it had never earned a dime for egypt before. he’s done this by being a prima donna and treating his contemporaries like jay-z does lesser emcees, so beyonce probably appreciates it or at least understands it – anything to earn a blurb online.
    its marketing genius.

    yes, he’s arrogant and yes, she’s dumb as a bunch of rocks – but they’re both richer than i’ll ever be so to hell with the both of ’em! HA!

  • Jasmine

    @ Laughing at Loud……Don’t be jealous…of what? Hell, we could have gone to the same school. Please stop your foolishness. If they are asking Beyonce the same questions over and over don’t you think she would be able to put together a better answer than “uhhhhhh” and “like”.