Fruition LV



Fruition Las Vegas has become synonymous with vintage streetwear since opening its door a few years ago. Now, with its impressive clientele and ability to mix vintage and modern labels seamlessly, it’s the go-to shop for anyone looking for those hard-to-find 1980s gems.

Can’t get to the Sin City? No worries. Fruition Las Vegas has an online shop blog that allows you to buy the likes of Chanel, Fendi, Stussy and Jeremy Scott with the click of a mouse.

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  • Tiffany W.

    Fruition always makes me eek!

  • DonJuan

    This post is for any one that knows about this shop, has done business with them, or plans to do business with them. I recently made the mistake of copping a Fendi bag for my girl off there. As usual anything I buy I inspect that shit and it didn’t seem right so I go to the nearest fendi spot and have then appraise it and them niggas give me the gas face. So I promptly get on the phone with the spot and the bitch that answerers the phone tells me ” It’s an archival piece that doesn’t guarantee the authenticity. We choose that piece because of it’s look and how many of our customers appreciated it.” I’m sitting there heated so I promptly respond “Why didn’t you state that on your website instead of misleading me.”…she says well you can return it!!! So now this shit is being packed up as we speak and will be shipped out early monday. But once again if your familiar with them avoid them like the plague they are horrible with shipping and the products are fake!!!