78318884Finally, you have awakened. After showering, you walk over to your closet and just stand there. You have no clue what your next step is going to be. Meanwhile, the time just looks at you and walks away. You yawn, so uninspired. Puzzled even. You say to yourself a hymn of a thousand excuses. Surprisingly, you think of yourself as the more stylish girl in your crew. People look to you at the office. Gee, the expectation is so high. “CHALLENGE!” In my greatest Cosby Show hype-girl voice, I challenge you to not only be stylish after you have dressed, but I challenge you to be stylish while you get dressed. The very meaning of our fave, most times over-used word, “fabulous” is “having no basis in reality.” Ladies, I’m telling you that in real life we can extend our concept of style today. Getting dressed can become the best part of our glam days if we integrate a few quick tips into our morning routines. The process of getting dressed in the morning should be both an efficient and pleasurable experience. Instead, so many of us lack a steady routine to dressing in the morning. I say, if you have to get up at 6 a.m., why not make it a fabulousness based in reality?

THE PRE-SET: Clothing + Accessories + Makeup
Perhaps it’s the rebel in you that has insisted on ignoring this advice. Why don’t you go ahead and select your clothes before bed? To remind yourself, place a super cute sticky on your wall next to your closet and title it, “Today’s Look.” You’ll remember and maybe even impress your boo.

Take the extra step and place the accessories you have in mind on the hanger. Ladies, this is not over-thinking your look. The pre-set is all about preparation, plus it saves you loads of time in the morning. There should be a designated area on your dresser or vanity for makeup. This area should have all of your brushes and products pre-set in the morning.

THE CLOCK: Why 2 Clocks Are Necessary
We should all strive to be fashionably on time. We can’t afford to be late for jobs in a recession. This is precisely why you need two clocks. The clock on your dresser should be set 10 minutes fast, use the clock on your phone for the exact time.

THE MOOD: Space + Scent + Music
Don’t set the mood just because he’s coming over. Be true to you and get into the dawn by creating an energy for dressing. Turn on your favorite radio station or playlist. In fact, create a playlist just for dressing. Play the songs that make you feel fierce and confident. Next, light that fragrant candle you’ve been saving. Place it on your dresser or vanity and allow the scent to further awaken you. Keep your dressing area organized and uncluttered. You can’t dress fabulously with things splattered everywhere.

THE EATS: How to Eat & Get Dressed
The stylish set should not avoid breakfast. It’s worth getting up a few minutes earlier to enjoy a morning snack as you dress. While you’re in the shower, broil your water for coffee. Once the kettle starts singing, jump out and pour! It’s critical to take in a fuss-free breakfast while you dress. Later for crumbs and messy jelly. In your sultry robe, pull out a bowl of green grapes before you apply your makeup. As you comb out your hair right before you apply your lipstick, pause a for sip of your coffee and have another grape.

THE GRAB & GO: 5 Items to Grab in a Dash and GO!
A million thoughts dance inside our heads in the morning. We’re the most forgetful at this time. Spare yourself by placing these five essentials next to the door:

Energy bar

Quickly double-check yourself in the mirror, wink and GO!

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