The recessionista doesn’t stress out over her finances. She, instead, works her hard-earned cash in such a way that she’s saving and spending smart, while still enjoying that which she loves the most. She understands that you can have it all, but not all at the same time, and only in varying amounts. She knows fun doesn’t have to cost an arm, leg, or stiletto clad foot. She makes it a point to find savvy ways to do what she wants to do, especially if it’s beneficial to her spirit, without putting her in the poorhouse. Girls night out is her way of letting it all hang out, and following are tips she uses to make this all too important night happen while money stays in the bank.

OPIDo-it-yourself! Make it an entire evening of cuttin up with your girls. Have them grab their Caboodles makeup case, and head to your place so you can help each other get ready. Someone can hook-up your hair, while you polish someone’s nails with one of the season’s hot, new vampish colors, and all of you can give a no or go on each other’s fits.

Girl Prop: “Hare Today, Aragon Tomorrow” an army, olive green by OPI ($8) is one of my favorite nail shades this season!

Help a sister out! Help a go-getter get her education on by getting your manis and pedis done at the local beauty school. It will not only help another ambitious sister get the much needed experience she needs, but it will save you almost half on regular salon services.

FemistaCocktails & Conversation Start a book club and have members bring a quick and easy dish while you whip-up homemade cocktails! Food, drink, and dishing about the juicy drama of the latest chick lit, and how it relates to life, sounds like girl time that won’t break the bank to me.

Girl Prop: Consider Feminista, a new novel by Erica Kennedy. You’ll meet Sydney Zamora, a successful and self-made New York journalist approaching her mid-thirties, and ready for a man, like, now! Sydney’s gay sister, who has the perfect suburban life with her partner, hooks Sydney up with a matchmaker.

Dine $mart! Look into those establishments that will offer group discounts for you and your crew to get your party on. You’ve brought quite a bit of business, why not get rewarded for it? You and your gals can split the discounted price several ways. Big savings!…huge!

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