The recessionista doesn’t stress out over her finances. She, instead, works her hard-earned cash in such a way that she’s saving and spending smart while still enjoying that which she loves the most. She understands that you can have it all, but not all at the same time, and only in varying amounts. She knows fun doesn’t have to cost an arm, leg, or stiletto clad foot. She makes it a point to find savvy ways to do what she wants to do, especially if it’s beneficial to her spirit, without putting her in the poorhouse. Girls night out is her way of letting it all hang out, and following are tips she uses to make this all too important night happen while money stays in the bank.

The eco-savvy chicks mode of transportation. So, you and your girls are all together. Why not hop in one car if you safely can. Fork over a couple of dollars to the owner of the car and get the night on the town started. Saving as much gas as possible, and driving less is not only dollar smart, but eco-friendly too.

Girls night out can happen in the daytime. Girls day out guarantees your favorite restaurant’s lunch prices, which are cheaper. Also, partying on less popular days of the week can save you some change as well.

Take a cooking class. People aren’t dining out much these days, but signing up for a cooking class with your friends will be different, fun, and you’ll be adding new, tasty, and healthier meals to your personal menu!

Girl Prop: The Get ‘Em Girls Guide to the Power of Cuisine has many fun recipes for you to try. Entertain your girls without out spending a fortune, and save a dish for your guy too for when, you know, the ladies go home. He’ll love ya for it!

Game on! It’s basketball season, and b-ball isn’t just for the guys. If you love the game, invite your girls over to hoot and hollar with you.

Ladies night. Whether it’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta or Desperate Housewives marathon, girls night out can be well spent at home catching up with the wifeys. Recording the programs you pay for every month, but aren’t able to watch at the regular showing, will not only ensure you get your money’s worth, but it’s a great reason for you and your gal pals to get together and laugh, cry, get mad, and throw things at the screen if your fans of the same programming.

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