55962606Hey beautilicious Clutchettes! The holidays are coming up. And, what are holidays all about if not going home to see the peeps and having everyone tell you how sensational you look? “Did you lose weight?” “What’ve you done to your hair? It looks f’in amazing, girrrrl” I know, I know, bond with people you love, share quality time with nieces and nephews, tell Aunt Lucille how delish her sweet potato croquettes are. All that is lovely too, I suppose. But, personally, I live and die for any excuse to play dress up (wheeeeeeeeeeee), and the holidays play right into this drag-queen-wannabe’s hands. Mama wants an excuse to buy herself an new lipstick and hot damn if Thanksgiving, Kwanzaa, Christmas and New Years aren’t providing it. The holidays are calling to us, girls (and fabulous boiZ). And, if you listen real, real close, methinks they’re saying…….GOLD!!!

Now, before you hit me with argument # 1- the party-pooping, “The whole metallic thing is too much, I’d rather go for a natural look” noise, let me nip that foolishness in the bud right quick. Look, most of is have spent all year cooped up in a little (or big) office/cubicle/car/boardroom. Or, maybe we’ve endured a year in front of a classroom filled with screaming 10-year-olds/college students/ yoga devotees. Whatever the case, unless you’re lucky enough to be a back-up singer for Lady Ga-Ga or similar, you’ve probably had to deal with the dreaded “Company Dress Code” (ugggggh!!!) And, I’ll put money on the fact that the typical “code” doesn’t leave much room for metallic gold mascara, diamond-encrusted, false eyelashes and other such fabulosity. For SHAME!! So, why not let loose your inner Sasha Fierce on Turkey Day, where at most you‘re gonna get is a few eye-rolls from yo’ mama, cousin Ethyl an‘ em, with narry a worry of the boss packing up your things in a nice little box and handing you a Pink Slip? Ladies (and fabulous gentlemen), I ask you…..when it comes to rockin’ GOLD GLAM, if not now, WHEN?

And the very BEST part about jumping on the latest “gold train” beauty ride? It’s recessionista-friendly, y’all. So what if you can’t afford that bangin’ metallic gold dress from BCBG? It’s okay, boo. S’all good. Throw on that great little black number that’s been hanging in your closet for like the last half decade, and just jazz it up with some serious earrings and some over-the-top, golden glamorous siZZle. And, even if you’re broker than a 3-legged dog, an eye shadow from the corner drug store will put you back all of $5 and it’ll do wonders, if you use a little imagination. But, my beauty-lovin’ Clutchettes, mama has found golden glory to fit EVERY budget. So darlings, check out these fabulous gilded options….

P247394_heroSephora’s Glitz & Glam Shimmer and Shine Deluxe Sampler ($38)
Grrrls, this is the holy grail of gold cosmetics for the season. Sephora describes it as “A glam-packed kit that will add some stardust to your holiday look,” and they ain’t never lie. Check all that comes in it…

– 0.27 oz Tarte Celebutante Dry Oil Shimmer Spray
– 0.3 oz Smashbox Artificial Light Luminizing Lotion in Flash (iridescent pink)
– 0.17 oz Tarte Glam Gams
– 0.4 oz Tarte Lock & Roll in Bronze (shimmering true bronze)
– 0.28 oz Guerlain Meteorites Powder Pearls for the Face in Beige Chic (golden glow)
– 0.17 oz Tarte Cheek Stain in Eco-Cheek (coral with a touch of shimmer)
– 0.23 oz Sephora Super Shimmer in Desert Gold (rosy tan with pink and gold shimmer)
– 0.06 oz Laura Geller Blush-N-Brighten in Sunswept (bronze, coral, and rose)
– 0.59 oz Smashbox Eyeshadow in 24K (true gold shimmer)
– 0.1 oz Laura Geller Lip Shiner in City Lights (pink and gold flecked glimmer)

For a mere $20, you can’t go wrong with Mac “Glitter” ($19.50).
This is an all-purpose-multi-tasking girl’s DREAM. “M·A·C Glitter can be applied directly to the skin or combined with products to create high-level glitter and sparkle effects on all areas of the face, skin and hair.”
7.5 g / .26 US OZ

If your pucker is your best asset, how about showing it off with a little… LUSTREGLASS in “Instant Gold” ($14.00)
M·A·C says, “This amazing ornamental finish shines the lips with hi-shine overlaid with various tones of pearlized glaze. Beyond sexy. Transcends all known shine.” I’m SOLD!

Picture 1039Like I said, if you’re money is a little too funny for ALL OF THE ABOVE, there is no need to fret. You can still get plenty of gold “action” from the drug store, or from a even from Sephora, in the form of simple little wand. Yo, for the same cost as a Subway footlong, you could pick up…. Sephora’s Glitter Lashes ($5)

“The Sephora Brand Glitter Lash Pen paints eye-catching bits of glitz onto your lashes, or over your eyeliner, for a radiantly ravishing look.”

Get magical. Get glitzy. Get GOLD, baby!!

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