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  • TheDoll204

    Personal, yes it is personal when it comes to Janet for me, she’s my idol. I have meet her twice had the blessing to be in her glory and she is a very down to earth and very caring person. Its just like if someone said something about someone you know or love you are going to defend them. One thing you forget is that this her career if she does not feel like putting out something that is going to please you, thats her choice. I really don’t think she is hurting for money she does this because she enjoys it not to please doubters she has nothing to proove. She has made her mark and has many followers so why should she have to satisfy your appetite, who are you? this plain and simple you are not going to please everyone with what you do just like you did not please someone with things you do. I’m just the type if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say S*^t. you seem like you are a nice person to thoughs who do what you like but please stop the hating and stay in your lane and better your career so will know who you are. Thanks boo boo have a nice life.

  • Nichelle Ryan

    In my opinion, this video is ok, it doesnt wow me cinematic wise…
    it is reminiscent of her old “Scream” video with her brother Michael…i’m assuming this video might be a tribute to him or some other because even some of the dance moves are reminders of old Michael videos….musically, i like the song, i do hear the sampling of “dont stop till you get enough” which would be once again a tribute to her brother….however the video and the song put together would not want to make me go out and buy her cd…
    but as she said herself, she is not trying to please anyone anymore, she is just doing what she likes…there is a fine line when artists reach that point in their career where they feel they no longer have to please their audience, you run the risk of losing your audience

  • Lo Lo Berry

    This song is HOT!!! This is how a fun song should sound and feel. I love it.

    And she is flawless. Her style is always so unique and beautiful at the same time. She is just so beautiful. I love the white look, the dressed up black and the hat with the two puffs. Diva’s all copy her style.

  • ms. complexity

    Shani I agree with you. Reminds me a lot of “Scream” (b&w and futuristic vibe).
    Cute song, though. Janet is beautiful.

    Why are folks jumping down Shani’s throat for expressing her opinion? C’mon, sisters. That’s not the way.