86524654Imagine this…

You’re headed home after a long drawn out lecture in your evening college class. Cruising down the highway in a car that seems as if it isn’t worth the money you put into it, you turn down the R&B love a song that reminds you of how sad your love life truly is. That infuriating supervisor of yours seems to enjoy making your life more miserable each day. Then… there is the girl. The fly fashionista that seems to have everything together: beautiful hair, amazing body (not to include the flawless skin and great manicure/pedicure). She drives the whip you wish you had and has the man you always wanted and if that is not enough she is always rocking the latest fashion with a grace and poise that you could only have if you were dreaming.

You do your best to keep from thinking about the events of the day but cannot help seeing as how it only going to repeat itself the next, it’s the same thing everyday … that is when it hits you… you are stuck. You start to wonder about what happened to the goals and dreams that you had once mapped out for yourself? There are so many people your age that are so successful… why can’t you indulge in that same success? Daunting thoughts roam through your mind… How did I get here? How can I fix this? Where am I going? You are intelligent, fun-loving, creative, and gorgeous if you do say so yourself! So what is keeping you from having the success you dream about…?

Most young college women have a difficult time turning their dream careers into reality because they are stuck in a world of “cannot”, “shouldn’t”, and “don’t even think about its”. Accepting this cause those individuals to become comfortable in that neighborhood, settling right into the retirement house of “I quit!” before they even try. Well cry no more Clutchettes! Here are some motivating tips that you can use to help steer yourself out of the “hopeless” community and on to the highways of success.

1. Stay Diligent.
It doesn’t matter if it working on a thesis for your next book or simply doing your laundry — a lazy Clutchette never gets anything accomplished. You must keep it moving!

2. Find a Hobby.
Most young women who success have an idea of what they want to become, a good way to find out what you want to do is experiment. That’s where hobbies come into effect. Once you start doing something you love for fun you start thinking of ways to turn it into something lucrative.

3. Make a list of short term goals.
Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? How do you plan on getting there? It could be something as simple as ‘I want to grow my hair out to the middle of back’ or ‘I want to obtain my masters in the next 5 years’. Putting it down on paper is one of the best ways to get a clear visual of what you want to achieve in your life. It’s ok to aim high!

4. Get involved in classes.
Whether it’s learning a new language or learning about business, knowledge is a must have for today’s successful career Clutchette. The more knowledge you obtain the more opportunities you will have.

5. Surround yourself with motivational people.
Most powerful and successful women surround themselves with people who either have similar goals or beliefs. If you encircle yourself with positive energy it will bring out the optimism in you and keep you aspiring.

6. Live a healthy lifestyle.
When you workout, eat right, and take care of yourself overall you feel good! You are more constructive and have more liveliness. When you feel good you are happy and having a positive attitude will put you in the right lane on the highways to success.

So remember Clutchettes think outside of and look past your current situation. Success is at your fingertips all you had to do is reach out and take it. In the words of Theodore Roosevelt “It is hard to fail, but it is worse to never have tried to succeed”.

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