• Forever

    Women are just as abusive as men. They like to play the victim cause they don’t have the muscular mass to take down a man with a punch. But many women abuse men verbally and when the fighting begins they stab a man with a knife or shoot him with a gun, or kiss and make up to deceive the man and poison him to death. Many vicious women are getting away with murder. Many are now killing other women to steal their unborn child straight from the womb! Yes, every human being have aggression built into them. Oprah when you gonna stop interviewing abusive women such as Robin Givens? You owe Tyson an apology.

  • Though I heard about the Tyson interview and the follow up with Hollyfield, I didn’t see it. I think that Oprah’s apology is a terrific example of what we all need to be able to do when we recognize that some action of ours caused harm that is not our desire, which is not the same as causing distress necessarily. When dealing with issues of vulnerability or trauma, we need to be especially sensitive, but we are all human and even when we are trying to be conscious we still slip up.

    I have to say that my feelings for Tyson softened quite a bit after seeing the film about him. He is still a scary guy to me, but when you know more about what he has come through, you can have some compassion for him. As for Robin being a mercenary, I can’t say, and I certainly agree that women do abuse men, and maybe she did verbally abuse him, but in no way does that justify his physical violence. Is there a man in the audience who’d want to take him on physically? I think not.
    thandiwe dee


    Poor Robin!! she must be in debt….still trying to juice the situation… She wasn’t a walk in the park for Mike….She abused him to….

    • Loquacious_

      Agree with you 100%. Robin was not then and I am sure is not now an innocent angel. However, she is an opportunist. Oprah needs to get that testicular fortitude back. What was there to apologize for? Nada!

  • bronson

    I Think Robin Givens is a great actress,pity that she doesnt get to do more in movies, I believe that she is a first class manipulator of people, including Oprah, No sensible,moral person can condone abuse of any kind, be it abuse of women,children and yes even men.Robin Givens was married to Tyson for only a year or so,during which time she milked it for all the publicity and money she could, it shocks and amazes me that she is a spokes person for abused women(does she get payed for her work?) she talks as if she was beaten and abused for years, yet she herself was abusive verbally and phsically towards Tyson and played the man,her mother guided her as well, i dont think oprah should have apologised to Givens, as she is only conducting a interview and would not have been proffesional to judge Tyson.Unfortunately the vast majority of Americans are sucked in by Robin Givens lies…Tyson is no angel, but he told the truth and accepted the consequences of his relationship with Givens,something she is yet to do.I believe Oprah knew she was lying and trying to manipulate her to