Priscilla-Renea-e05Priscilla Renea is used to having all eyes on her. She singlehandedly built a rabid YouTube following with her undeniable singing and writing talent. She also has a bit of a sense of humor – one of her most popular YouTube videos featured Renea singing the dictionary over Fergie’s “Glamorous.” The artist parlayed her YouTube stardom into a record deal with Capitol Records where she’s preparing to release her debut album Jukebox on December 1.

And while this should be old hat to the singer, especially after the success of Hello My Apple, an EP of her biggest YouTube hits, she’s still more than a little nervous.

“I’m still trying to get my name out there. I’m performing and people don’t know who I am, so I’m still nervous on how people will receive it. I’m just hoping people will like it.”

If her first single is any indication, she has nothing to worry about. “Dollhouse” is an upbeat song about having relationship independence from an inattentive significant other. The heady combination of Renea’s lyrics and drive to succeed has some of the artist’s more die-hard fans casting her as a role model.

“I mean it’s good that people can look up to me, but I don’t know if I consider myself a role model. I have faults and I’ve made mistakes…but it’s just weird to have people coming up to me and asking for autographs. The fans that have been with me since the beginning are really supportive.”

So what should you expect when you pick up Jukebox? Expect to hear  good music that’s grounded in art and individuality. The majority of the guitar and piano tracks you’ll hear are performed by Priscilla herself. You’ll hear the artist tackling the topic of a promiscuous boyfriend and even discussing the tough topic of becoming a parent before your time. What not to expect? A load of celebrity collaborations, this is one of those few debut albums that isn’t using star power to sell units. While the artist would be open to collaboration on her next project, her debut had to be a total solo outing.

“Every song is a story,” says Renea, “and there was no room in the story for any collaboration. In the future, I’ll work with anyone that will have me. They don’t have to necessarily have an album out, but I’d work with Beyonce, Drake, Britney Spears, whoever.”

Drawing comparisons to labelmate Katy Perry, Priscilla Renea has both the lyrical and musical chops to back up all the hype. Eclectic and artistic, she’s a breath of fresh air in a music industry clogged with overly processed tracks and copycat artists. This is one “Dollhouse” you’ll want to play in no matter how old you are.


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