Is this just a vicious attack on Jay-Z, or a growing concern amongst vigilant citizens? In keeping with this series, dig this new vid that attempts to draw the line between Hov and infamous satan worshipper Aleister Crowley.

Ok, Clutchettes & Gents. Have they gone to far this time, or have we only just begun to scratch the surface? How many of you even concern yourselves with such thangs?

Part I
Part II
Part III

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  • so now we judge one’s closeness to God by how much they choose to wear/not wear…. since when does the clothe on our back measure our faith in God? People do the mst unspeakable, evil things FULLY CLOTHED. As an African, I have to fundamentally disagree with that one…as I am from a culture where nakedness had nothing to do with sensuality and sexuality until christian missionaries came along and told us that we were beasts and that God did not love us.

  • Ms W

    Can we put a rest to this series? I have looked at all four parts and still see no evidence that supports the accusation that Jay Z “worships the devil”. SMH. This is getting old…

  • Adrie

    Clutch, I applaud you for this article. For those readers who may not think this is enough evidence, do the research yourself. It is much, Much more then just musicians.

    Youtube the following:
    about Bey:

    you can also watch part 3 and 4, & look at this quick clip that will really shock you:

    *** Watch this about Rih:

    *** for more info & look at their articles about Rih, Lady Gaga etc…

    Do your research then state your opinion.

    • Bored

      Nah…I’m not going to look it up because I don’t care. It has nothing to do with the way I live my life.

  • Jason

    This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. It’s embarrassing. This is why so many black folks followed Jim Jones into the jaws of death,because you are gullible enough to believe anything.