Dig this sequel by way of Jay-Z’s former friend, Jaz O, as he puts DimeWars down with allegations that the Hova gets down with Illuminati-styled activities of the homosexual variety.

Hmmmmm. What do you think Clutchettes and Gentlemen? Is a case of sour grapes on behalf of ole Jaz O, or more food for thought?

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  • jay

    Jaz is speaking the truth hear it or fear it.

  • sw

    People are sleep and they don’t WANT to know. Everything is about ‘hating’ these days. You cannot express a fact without people calling someone a ‘hater'(an overused word to put people in their place).

    This stuff is real and getting emotional and angry about it isn’t going to change the fact that what is real is real. JAy z doesn’t pay anyone of us to defend him so it is okay to think on our own.

    Wake up and do your research! ANd you can tell the ones that do because they can see through these rappers bs. The world is not what it seems, trust!

  • sw

    One more thing…I was like most people here at one point and thought that these celebs could do nothing wrong. I thought that when people spoke against them, they were trying to bring them down and were jealous of them. I was extremely defensive and angry that people could say some things about these ‘celebs’. Then I did the research looked up things myself, made a two plus two connection, which lead me to ask more questions and get more answers.

    In other words the devil is real and he will use so called good people, talented people, rich people to fulfill his purpose. There is a reason some groups of people are still oppressed, something is keeping us there. And ‘they’ will use our own to make sure we are sleep and not thinking.


  • Jazz

    Ok, really people, this whole Jay-Z satan thing is getting out of control. First, I’d like to say I am a Christian. Second, I’d like to say I consider myself rather intelligent and an independent thinker. With that being said, I have see the video series on you tube (apparently one of many on this topic) about the whole thing. Jay Z probably does not believe in God or organized religion, that doesn’t automatically make him a devil worshiper. So as a Christian (or Muslim or Jew for that matter), you should see him and others like him as lost, not satanic. Now is he a Freemason…well who knows, in the words of “Mister”: ‘Could be, could be not. Who’s to say?’ My opinion is that I don’t think Masons in and of themselves are satanic. I do think that as a secret society, they run a lot or have their hands in a lot of things that we the “average people” don’t know about, and will probably never know. I agree with 1 poster earlier, there are secret societies in all socio-economic, race and culture groups, have been for ages. So another popular, famous, influential person is a part of one, what else is new?
    My biggest thing with this whole Jay Z thing is: where is the SOLID proof??I mean solid. Not someone’s “analyisis” of a video. Or dissecting lyrics out of context and without and appreciation of words and lyricism. I don’t know if all these things would stand up in a court of law. Clearly Jay has burned some bridges on the way up, and I’m sure he has “sold out” as it were to get where he is BESIDES being talented.

    I am in agreement of what I think the general point here is, and that would be that lyrics, videos, and the general lack of morals and responsibility now days is very sad and unfortunate, and it is up to us as to restore some dignity to society.
    And to all the other Christians, worried about NWO and Jay or whoever being illuminati/satans hand maidens/lucifaian soldiers or whatever: God’s word says that this time is coming, that chaos and disorder, wars and roumors of wars, false profits..WILL show and manifest themselves as this age draws to a close, and the ultmate battle between good and evil comes to a head. All that to say, this is just what God said would happen, so why are you acting as if this is not part of God’s plan.

    Give Jay some room! Sheesh!!!