The Hova is under attack once again. This young pastor accuses Jay-Z of espousing anti-Christ-like messages on “Empire State of Mind.”

What did Jay-Z exactly have in mind when making such statements? Not to get all Sunday school on you Clutchettes and Gents, but didn’t Jesus say that “No one comes to the Father except through me”?

Food for thought most definitely… What say you on this matter?

Part 1
Part II

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  • I mean really. Keep proving my point. lol

  • Shayla Richard

    Amen!!! There is nothing else to say about that.If you truly love the Lord, truly, this should have been offensive, no excuses.Man people really need to wake up man every body think all of this are things we can pass on, but our youth is taking this garbage in. These entertainers are telling us to our faces what they are about and what the world is about and we are so stupid, ignorant and blind to realize it right in our faces, like sheep to the slaughter.This goes to show you how far away from the Lord the world and our generation is,Hell is going open its mouth wide like the bible says and I truly without a doubt believe that. Come on everybody take up for our Lord and Savior where is Gods people. Jesus Christ is the One and Only ,the Savior, the Son our Redeemer believe that people If you don’t believe nothing in your life believe that. Please Give him praise people give him praise because one day it may be to late, Remember every man has an appointed time to be born and an appointed time to die and we all are going to have to face him one day and on that day I think I would rather hear the Lord say Job well done my good and faithful servant than Part from me workers of iniquity for I never knew you.The Choice is each of our own. Love,Peace, and may the Lord bless you.