3165f4f1Having problems gaining or maintaining positive platonic relationships with members of the opposite sex? Chic, alluring actress Thandie Newton shares her secret to avoiding such tribulations. While promoting her new film 2012, Newton credited her stellar rapport with male counterparts to her refusal to exploit her feminine wiles:

“I’ve never dated an actor, just had the odd fling. Isn’t that weird? I don’t flirt with people – a long time ago, I stopped using my sexuality to have a relationship with people. I don’t really think you get a sense of me, sexually, and that’s why I have really great relationships with straight men.”

Sound advice from a woman who is capable of wrapping any man around her slender fingers. For some of us, however, this is easier said than done. First off, you gotta befriend a man who respects platonic boundaries. Secondly, he can’t be the type of cat who tempts you to break those boundaries, unleashing your inner vixen – ha!

Just be “one of the guys”, if it’s a friendship you’re truly trying to preserve. Better yet treat him like one of your girls, which means no teasing, enticing or coy deeds please. Remember, it’s not about eliminating your sensuality, but saving it all for the guy you seek to snag, and seduce.

Peep a brief synopsis of 2012 in our previous piece entitled What to Watch. 2012 is set to hit theaters on November 13th.

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