Times are hard especially financially, however, my girlfriend does not seem to realize the whole world is undergoing something called recession.

But what can one expect from someone who when the business section in the news bulletin come on TV she would rather grab the remote control and watch a boring advert in another channel?

Therefore, I have been thinking of ways to introduce her to the word recession and the measure that I intend to take to keep us afloat, at least until the economy turns around.

Here is my letter which I am going leave on the table for my girlfriend who is still enjoying her sleep in the bedroom and mark you its around 8 a.m. (sometimes I wish I was a woman and had a man take care of me and my needs)

Anyway, dear friends and readers, please pray for me that when I will come back, I would not find that she has packed and left a brother because he is taking burst.

Here is the letter.


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  • Jaida

    Homegirl just needs to stop being lazy and get a job to help with the bills. This recession is NOT a game. I honestly would want my guy to sit down and talk to me about it instead of writing a letter, but the letter wasn’t mean spirited at all.


    oh no that letter was hilarious, but you know she would most likely take it the wrong way.

    Any way Nick thats what you get for dating a women who was not trying to do anything with her life but shop and eat out. Maybe you should pick your partners better.

  • Juliana

    Oh, Nick….looks like you set a precedent you can’t continue. I have a question and I ask it respectfully: would you have given a second glance to a less fly “Sally Homemaker”-type woman with a self-done hairdo and one dress? The woman you’ve been taking care of hasn’t changed, only your circumstances have. Think about your choices, my brother.

    Also, NO woman could be expected to visit her boyfriend’s Mom on the porch for a hairdo. I wouldn’t do that on the last day on Earth, when it wouldn’t matter anyway…