It was proven best in the fashionable documentary The September Issue, that Fall is the New Year’s of fashion. Fashion forward women everywhere look forward to this one season in particular to muster up the oomph to march into their closets, throw out the old and bring in the new. Now, we’ve already covered in our Fall Trend Report, what most of you naturally will be flocking to this style season but, there are still some fashionistas we’re sad to discover who have fell off the wagon. This list was pretty painful to compile at times as we’ve had our share of good times partaking in some of these trends ourselves but, it’s time to hang em’ up or throw them out ladies. We can no longer ignore these top ten fashion trends that must go!

1. Vinyl Leggings:

How did they even convince us these pants were sexy to wear? Hot, sticky and just plain ol’ tacky, these once popular party pants must be packed away into the fashion time capsule and opened…never again.

2. Phrase Graphic Tees:

I know what you’re thinking, “But, t-shirts are comfortable and quick!” right? Yes, they are. We can’t argue with that. But, a graphic tee on a grown woman is an automatic fail. Stock up on your solids girls!

3. Neon & Printed Stockings:

Remember the Fall Report? Sexy, sophisticated, sheer! That’s the direction we’re headed. We want to accentuate our legs not draw circuslike attention to them.

4. Rope Chains & Bamboo Earrings:

The retro phase has been dying out the past few seasons but, we’re still seeing an occasional bamboo earring and rope chain here and there. Tisk, tisk, tisk. Definitely time to hang this one up unless you’re headed to a throwback costume party.

5. Lace:

Lace gloves, lace shirts, lace dresses, cross them all off the list of trends you might’ve been hoping didn’t get the axe. Just as 80’s inspired as a rope chain and bamboo earrings, this phase of fashion has ended, for good.

6. High Waists:

Anything too high waisted is out these days. For the professional woman, a slight high-waisted skirt is always a classy alternative but, once you start inching too high up the rib cage whether in a skirt or jeans you’re crossing into the bad trend zone.

7. Uggs:

We love Uggs in the same respect that Jay-Z does Autotune. We got it, we enjoyed it but, lets get back to style the Ugg overkill is the equivalent of “T-Paining too much”. Uggs are soft and warm in cold winters but, they aren’t waterproof in a snowstorm and definitely shouldn’t be worn in place of sandals with a miniskirt and tank top in the summer.

8. Pointy Toed Stilettos:

If you own or are considering purchasing a shoe in which the toe is a 20 degree angle to wear out on the town, don’t do it. The point of your shoe should no longer be able to kill a bug in the corner.

9. Studs:

Put the bedazzler down! Rocker chic studs and diamond embellishments are sometimes fun, chic and flashy but, only a few accents are needed to exude the look you’re going for.

10. Layering:

Homeless chic is no longer an “in” look. No need to throw on leggings, a mini skirt, a tank top and long sleeved button down shirt underneath that cardigan and oversized jacket. That’s way too many clothes. Less is more!

Looking and feeling your best is always a fashion do but, beware of the dont’s because there are fashion police lurking around every corner!

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  1. Veronica

    Hmm…Diamond studs will always be “in”. However, I do agree with layering, and pointy stilletos being out. Printed tights are hot esp. the all black ones with random cut out designs!! I’m disappointed with this list Clutch you can do better:(