091106-35 If wild animals are envious of each other, then there is one cheetah in Kenya that they look at and wish they could trade places with.

See, the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt was in Kenya two ago for the launch of Zeitz Foundation at Segera Ranch in Laikipia where the chairman of sports apparel manufacturer Puma, Mr. Jochen Zeitz has established a conservation site.

After his business there, Bolt and his entourage that included former British 110m hurdles star Colin Jackson visited Nairobi’s National Park Animal Orphanage where Bolt came face to face with an adult cheetah the only animal on earth which can give him a ran for his money were they to compete.

In an effort to help conserve the endangered species, Bolt adopted a three-month-old cheetah he named ‘Lightning Bolt’ and pledged money for its upkeep.

Now, I can imagine that as insignificant cheetahs will be crouching behind bushes as they salivate after a zebra which they might not catch, ‘Lightning Bolt’ will be literally licking his paws as she ask his keeper, “Dude where is my lunch, didn’t I hear that my sponsor sent in a cheque?”

Anyway, after local photographers had elbowed and trampled their international peers enough and vice versa for a vantage points to capture on film the best athletic creatures in their own worlds together, Bolt was quoted saying,

“I must confess I was a bit scared at the sight of the cheetah,”

And he had every reason to, since being a wise person, Bolt appreciated the fact that, in the eyes of the cheetah he was a ‘nobody’ and given a chance, she could not have asked for his autograph but go for a piece of his famous arms among other areas.

And Bolt itinerary was not complete yet.

Kenyan president who has never been publicly known to have any interest in any other sport apart from golf but then that was even about a decade ago when he was the opposition chief was at hand to welcome the magnificent runner to his office at Harambee House.

During a photo short with the president, the 100m and 200m flashed his famous ‘Bolt Arm’ to an impressed Mwai Kibaki and it’s not hard to imagine that the president may have asked for an autograph for his favorite grand child but in real sense, for himself.

Finally, as the Cheeky boy wonder from Jamaica left the country he promised to come back again someday at least to check on his now celebrity cheetah who if she could talk she would have told her benefactor, “Karibu tena rafiki”(welcome again friend).

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