Picture 1059My sister has always taken really good care of her hair. She is one of those people who would deep condition every weekend, get her ends trimmed every 4 weeks and never did crazy colors in her hair. Because of all the time she spent on her hair it was always soft, easy to manage and shinny. People always noticed her hair and she took great pride in it. That’s why it was hard for her when her hair started to thin. By the time she was in her late 20’s her long hair could barely make a full ponytail. While some of her friends talked about getting a weave to make their hair longer she wanted a weave to get her hair thicker. But first she decided to try as many product options available to her before she went the weave route. She tried almost every product on the market for fine or thinning hair and nothing gave her the volume that she wanted. It wasn’t till I sent her sample of Philip Kingsley Maximizer ($20, philipkingsley.com) that she had found hope that something actually worked for her.

Philip Kingsley Maximizer was created specifically to add super volume for fine hair. It works to maximize volume for hair that is lacking it. And it works to add body, bounce, control and shine. It also helps prolong the life of colour treatments. My sister said that after only one time using the Maximizer that her fine hair looked noticeably thicker and was full of body. She was also happy that unlike some other products she tired to increase volume, that this didn’t leave her hair feeling sticky, gummy or stiff. It gave her volume and her hair was still touchable and soft. She is now hooked on the Maximizer.

So if you have thin or fine hair and your looking to step up the volume then check out Philip Kingsley’s Maximizer. It is formulated to add volume to hair and it delivers on this and much more. My sister feels some much better about her now and it’s nice to hear that the Maximizer did that for her.

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