dailyphoto091203Beyonce tops Grammy nominations
Beyonce topped the list of nominees for the 52nd Grammy Awards, leading the way with 10 nods ahead of teenage country star Taylor Swift with eight. R&B superstar Beyonce scooped nominations in the coveted record of the year and album of the year categories, for her single “Halo” and her chart-topping double-album “I Am … Sasha Fierce.” The former “Destiny’s Child” singer also picked up a nod in the song of the year category. But Beyonce is likely to face fierce competition in the major categories from Swift, eccentric songstress Lady Gaga and Black Eyed Peas, who all earned nominations in best album, record and song. (Continue Reading…)

No testifying for Social Secretary Desirée Rogers
he White House announced Wednesday, Dec. 1, that Social Secretary Desirée Rogers would not be testifying to Congress Thursday about the two reality-television aspirants who got by the Secret Service at a recent state dinner to shake hands with President Obama. “I think you know that based on separation of powers, staff here don’t go to testify in front of Congress,” said press secretary Robert Gibbs in his daily briefing. “She will not be testifying in front of Congress tomorrow.” The decision is not likely to be contested by Democrats on the House Homeland Security Committee, saving Rogers a potentially embarrassing turn in the hearing-room spotlight. Since Rogers was only invited, not subpoenaed, to testify by the ranking Republican on the committee, New York Representative Pete King, she faces no legal consequences for declining to attend. (Continue Reading…)

Woods finds privacy elusive with ‘transgressions’ admission
When a grateful nation sat down to Thanksgiving dinner, Tiger Woods was known simply as the greatest golfer on the planet — a brand name in golf shoes with a public image as neatly manicured as the greens at Augusta National. A week later, Woods finds himself at the center of that whirling vortex where privacy and celebrity intersect. And he has discovered if you make $1 billion, about 90% from endorsements, there is a terrible level on which your private life becomes public property. (Continue Reading…)

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