dailyphoto091220Gabrielle Union: ‘Stop the judgment’
Actress Gabrielle Union issued some strong words of both advice and disdain regarding the latest round of gossip, accusations and hearsay stemming from Pro Athlete Chris Henry’s death; the Tiger Woods scandal; and a bevy of other ’stories’ that people have been focusing on since Thanksgiving. Issuing a plea to ’stop the judgment,’ Gabrielle Union wrote the following on Global Grind: Today we lost another young, talented, black man. Like so many men and women in this world, Chris Henry had seen his share of trouble and adversity…and just like so many other men and women in this world, he realized it’s never too late to turn your life around. How many more lives need to be lost before we realize that as good Christians (as many of us like to call ourselves), spiritual beings or just plain old good folks we need to STOP THE JUDGMENT and try to lift each other up when we’ve fallen off the path. (Continue Reading…)

Why two Black D.C. pastors support gay marriage
On a beautiful Saturday afternoon a couple of years ago, we entered the sanctuary at Covenant Baptist Church and took our places in front of the altar, just as we had countless times before in our more than 20 years as partners in ministry. We had been united in holy matrimony ourselves in the same spot where we now stood to unite others. As the couple walked down the aisle, we recalled the previous evening’s rehearsal, when we commended all the participants for their courage and prayed that God would be in our midst at the ceremony. When we pronounced the couple “partners for life,” we felt our prayers had been answered. It was the same feeling we had experienced so many times before when asking for God’s blessing of the union of a man and a woman. Only this time, the union was of a man and a man. (Continue Reading…)

D.C. police detective pulls gun in a snowball fight
According to an eyewitness, a D.C. Police detective (pictured above w/ gun) went nuts after kids pelted his Hummer with snowballs at 14th and U Streets NW this afternoon. The veteran detective got out of his car and eventually grabbed for his gun, displaying it to the crowd. He did not immediately identify himself as a police officer. He calmed down once his fellow uniformed cop arrived. Apparently, someone called 911 to report a man with gun. The snowball fight had been well hyped on Twitter. The news of the incident first broke there. We caught up with an eyewitness moments ago. (Continue Reading…)

‘227’ actress Alaina Reed Hall-Tamini dies

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